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Denielle DeSantis is a local contemporary mixed media artist whose work uses loose realism and symbolism to visually communicate a message or portray a story personal to her clients. A previous dancer, DeSantis’s work is heavily influenced by movement and communication - which is explored through her brush strokes, drips, and layering techniques.  She uses a variety of art materials including acrylic paint, spray paint, magazines and papers, and fabrics. Her most recent series of work, “Intrinsic Collage Paintings”, are mixed media abstract paintings composed of paper, paint, sprays, and personal mementos from her clients that portray the story of a relationship, a family, or a specific subject matter - a memory box come to life through art. Her previous experience involves both graphic design in the advertising industry as well as textile design for fashion icons such as Donna Karan and Norma Kamali. In addition to creating, Denielle is also influencing the young artists of our future at a local high school.

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