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The next most-treasured memory of your wedding - LIVE ART!

Think about it—there are tons of ways to capture memories at your wedding or event. But let's take it back to the first way to ever preserve a memory: paintings.

I specialize in painting live events—and where better to do that than a wedding? Besides giving yourself a cherished, unique gift that'll make an awesome conversation starter in your home, your guests will love the artistic element added to your reception.

My art tends to build with layers of color, words, and images that are symbolic to the couple. Sometimes only the couple knows what these layers mean, making it extra special! My style of "loose realism" incorporates brush marks, splatter, and spray paint surely to capture the energy and color of a relationship.

I also paint at corporate events/gatherings. 

To inquire about pricing or schedule services at your event/wedding, please email:

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David & Marisa

Amy & Troy

Jennifer & Chad

Shannon & Steve

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